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About the Anglers. 

After years of enjoying what the scene in Kansas City has shown to provide, we constructed an idea for a collective to create and give back something of our own. With blends of curated and unique events that we have all experienced over the years, we plan to design multiple types of eccentric and distinctive affairs that will be sure to keep spectators and attendees coming back for more.


Our main goal is to promote a safe, inclusive, and accepting community for all wooks of life and we strive to  provide a platform to local artists and bring in rising talent for the Kansas City bass music community to love and enjoy. 


So grab your waders, bring your friends, and strap in because we’re going searching in the deepest depths of the underground for some big-mouth bass!


Our Fam
and Friends

We love our friends and this community that we have grown into so we hope to keep adding to this list as Kansas City DJs and producers continue to grow. Feel free to reach out to us for opportunities at our upcoming events. 

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